Forgotten Future

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forgotten-future "Realignment with our purpose and nature begins by realigning with other lives after getting a second chance on Earth."

- forgotten future

The music of forgotten future is about layers and emotions. This experience gives you the opportunity to align the sonic representation of your own purpose, whlie also finding some background info about the album's tracks.

Use the orange and grey paths to align the layers of your present sonic identity, and move the horizontal slider to adjust the mix between the environmental and human emotions, until you reach perfect realignment.

This Time back to the lucky blue

The W1 journey started with death and ended with a hint: after body and mind are lost, might something still survive? Maybe even return for a new beginning?

That's where This Time Back to the Lucky Blue picks up the voyage, depicting the shocking realization that this particular return is taking place here on Earth. The descent takes us through a sequence of sonic experiences, each revealing a different natural environment of our Blue Planet.

We're flying by shaded forests full of singing birds, through a field of tall grasses moving in the light Summer breeze and buzzing flies, then over some hills with grazing cows. We're then stepping into rocky Fall creeks, diving into rivers and the depth of oceans, and finally walking in Winter snow.

Welcome back.

taking shape

Getting a body loaned is exciting. However, it comes at a price. It doesn't add to your perception of reality, rather, it limits it to a narrow set of experiences, with more focus on what's presently taking place, less focus on your connection to the past, future and other dimensions. A pre-wired brain and aggressively dulling hormones take command, and the same shell that now allows you to experience the physical world, turns your core into the prisoner of your own body.

Your sensation to feel the cold, warm, to feel the pain and touch another life is now real... yet it's only the simplified perception of the stream of emotions and energies that exist behind that contact - it's literally only on the surface.

Your perceived reality is the result of artificial limitations. Can you bypass them?

another present

Other presents are all around; they're the past and future, with the time dimension folding on itself. "Utbat" shows the layers that you have once experienced, are aware of, yet they are invisible to most. Can you perceive them right now?

Another present is also a parallel reality. Can you be walking on another path, making the opposite decisions, effecting that reality differently and creating an alternate future? Can you connect to that other present? Maybe even better than to this one?

transparent body

It's hard to escape the shell. By the time it expires, we are attached to it. Or rather, we are attached to the experience that it allowed us to have... and as limited slice of reality that might be, it's a beautiful slice. Without realizing that there is freedom in the ocean of stars, it's understandable that we are afraid of the seas.

The separation feels heavy. Taking the last breath is even heavier. The feel of conclusion hits us when the translucency reveals what's left behind. We're starting "the last flyover". Loosing the connection with the environment is sad. But now the weight of the unknown fills up the consciousness... until we will realize that having shaken off the shackles is only the beginning of a new, majestic adventure.

Parallel Realities Epic Monk Rmx

forgotten future psybient forest" To my surprise,"Parallel Realities" became the most popular track on the "W1 album". It naturally became the candidate for remixing for the Realignment album and for live performances."

However, there were other aspects that helped to give birth to the Epic Monk Remix. The original track included over 30 musical parts, lots of melodies and countermelodies, and I felt that changing up their balance and focusing less on the original lead parts and bringing out some micromelodies from the background, can become a remix with a new vision. As this new vision was taking shape, the image of a monk chanting along with the repetitive, driving rhythm appeared. The story became clear: the Monk introduces his repetitive theme at a ceremony, which then opens up worlds and dimensions, letting us take a peak into the Parallell Realities we typically don't experience while on this planet.

As the intensity increases, the chanting Monk evolves into a mass of chanting, drumming monks, and an extra breakbeat pattern and a pulsating trance pad joins the arrangement. The breakdown section features radio transmissions from the past, which we discover on our time-reversed journey into a future. Then the track explodes with the epic energies of the multiverse, before returning to the current reality where we find ourselves alone: no visions, not even a monk... but we know that we saw reality.

Fun facts:
- The "chanting monk" is the processed voice of forgotten future.
- The main driving, melodic part of the remix (which was not part of the original) is a TB-303 pattern (also all over W1).
- The show version of the remix got two additional TB-303 arpeggiated acid lines, as well as a bright Blade Runner-esque lead, played live on a Continuum.
- The radio transmissions featured in the track are the original recordings of communications from Gagarin's first space flight aboard Vostok-1 on April 12th, 1961, and form the first space shuttle launch - Columbia's STS-1 on April 12th, 1981. (Realignment was released on julius dobos' nameday on April 12th, 2016).

Space Rain Bassliner Rmx

Cubricon remixing for forgotten future RealignmentCubricon a.k.a. Anthony Dias loves bass grooves and melodies - the more catchy they are, the more he does with them. Listening to his complex basslines and the amount of bass energy contained in his music, one wouldn't guess that his main instruments are the guitar and the piano.

An electronic music and remix producer, Cubricon is known for his adventures in the latest styles in electronic music, balancing in between the independent and mainstream scenes. When remixing, he's on a mission to make you move with punchy percussion - he makes you feel like you're listening to an instant hit, which he crafts by carefully choosing the strongest melodies and most memorable harmonies for a stylish, punchy, earworm-rich experience.

It's no surprise that Cubricon's choice of W1 track to remix was Space Rain, as he was immediately inspired by its catchy melodies, relatable harmonies and syncopated rhythm. In his words:

"After listening to "ff:W1" many times, I was drawn to remix "Space Rain" because I really enjoyed the subtle buildup of the album track and felt that it had a lot of raw material that I could work with to create a more aggressive and bass driven version of the track. As I worked with the song, I added elements of Trance and Progressive House to create a combination of nostalgia and a more current sound and I added the formant filter tweaking on the bass because I just love that sound!"

"It was great to be able re-work forgotten this future piece using a sonic palette of dark and bright, mellow and aggressive, serious and fun."

Witnessing the Forces Tesseract Rmx

Broken Sine remixing for forgotten future Realignment Brokensine a.k.a. Dan McFarren likes the glitchy and the overdriven - that is, taking any sound that's smooth or clean and reducing it to its primal sonic components. An electronic music producer / DJ, Brokensine is known for making sounds simply to marvel at their effect on barometric pressure and human psychoacoustics. As a remix producer, he's never afraid to tastefully garble whatever is left from the original parts, then reassemble the pieces for full and unique originality.

The approach he took to remix Witnessing the Forces was inspired by the overarching theme of the original "ff: W1 album", which impregnated his mind's eye with thoughts of tesseract worlds and the tangible multiverse:

"Julius's approach to musical originality has always inspired me to embrace the strange nature of my own creativity. When I was given the opportunity to collaborate on one of his most anticipated works, I knew I had to align with our mutual appreciation of the finer nuances that come from breaking through conventional ways of creating sounds."